Private Tour to Třebíč and Telč (full day)

Code: PLT-P-TT
€955 / up to 3 persons
Private Tour to Třebíč and Telč (full day)

This is a small town in the hilly Moravian countryside, which boasts one of the biggest and best-preserved historic Jewish ghettoes in Europe. It spans over half of the town, from the river to the cemetery hill. Here, we will find two shuls, beth din, talmud-tora, orphanage, mikvaot and much more in a number of typically narrow two-story buildings with colorful facades and numerous balconies and passageways. As such, it is the only Jewish sight outside of Israel inscribed into the UNESCO World Heritage list.


✓ Transportation (pick up and drop off at a place of your choice)
✓ Professional guide at your disposal in the language of your choice
✓ Admission to the monuments
✓ Bottles of water for each participant
✓ Duration: full day
Distance from Prague: 3hr
✓ The price is valid for up to three people


✓ You choose when the tour starts (until 9:00 a.m.)
✓ Door to door transportation.  


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