Thereseindstadt Ghetto Full Day Tour

€645 / up to 3 persons
Thereseindstadt Ghetto Full Day Tour

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Terezín: A redbrick baroque fortress town designed in the 18th Century by the Habsburg emperors against the Prussians, Terezín has played a remarkably tragic role during WWII. Its cultural resistance became one of the spiritual symbols of the shoah. Between 1941 and 1945, the Nazis turned this miniature town into a ghetto, through which some 150,000 Jews from Czechoslovakia, Germany, Austria and other Nazi-occupied territories passed through. Prominent personalities, such as professors, artists, musicians, actors, politicians, architects and war veterans, known as the European elite, passed through the ghetto on their way to the extermination camps. This fact was hideously exploited by the Nazi propaganda in one of the greatest scams in human history. Terezín was described as a “self-governed Jewish spa“ and a film, called “Hitler’s Gift of a Town to the Jews“ was made here to be distributed by international humanitarian organizations worldwide that the international community believed.

Litoměřice is one of the oldest Czech royal cities, known as the “Gateway to Saxony,” with stunning preserved gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture, especially its 16th Century town square. Jewish history of the city dates back to the 13th Century.

Úštěk is a small, medieval market town in Northern Bohemia, with preserved Gothic burgher houses at the town square. Half of the town was actually a Jewish ghetto between the 15th and 19th Century. All is preserved, including a small building combining a synagogue, cheder and a village Jewish teacher’s home. Next door stands a three-story high beit midrash, a building of a Jewish school, town hall and mikvah. 



✓ Transportation (pick up and drop off at a place of your choice)
✓ Professional guide at your disposal in the language of your choice
✓ Admission to the monuments
✓ Bottles of water for each participant
✓ Duration: full day
Distance from Prague: 1hr
✓ The price is valid for up to three people


✓ You choose when the tour starts (until 10:00 a.m.)
✓ Door to door transportation.