Jičín, Brandeis and Boleslav

€645 / up to 3 persons
Jičín, Brandeis and Boleslav

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Jičín (יעטשין) is one of Bohemia’s most fascinating historic towns. Beginning as a relatively unimportant market settlement during the Thirty Years War, it grew into a major economic, political and cultural center of the kingdom. The famous Czech warlord Albrecht of Wallenstein had his seat here and his tolerant reign led to a tremendous boom of the Jewish community in the town. A significant potion of the town is still to this day represented by a former Jewish ghetto with a Jewish street, synagogue, school and a dozen Jewish houses.
Brandeis (בראנדייס) is now part of Prague-North, located only 15 minutes car ride. Originally an imperial Summer Palace of the Habsburgs, it had a thriving Jewish community until the Holocaust—of which a reconstructed synagogue and rabbinical house with exhibition on “The Sources of Judaism“ and one of the oldest Jewish cemeteries in the country—is left intact. Lewis Brandeis‘ ancestors immigrated to the US from this village.

Mladá Boleslav (בומסלא) has one of the most stunning Jewish cemeteries located on the city’s hilltop, neighboring the castle fortress and overlooking the town’s center. Among others, Ya'akov Bashevi von Treuenburg, court financier of three Habsburg emperors, rosh hakehila of Prague Jewry and the first Jew in Europe to be nobilitated, is buried here.



✓ Transportation from Prague (pick up and drop off at a place of your choice)
✓ Professional guide in English language
✓ Admission to the monuments
✓ Bottles of water for each participant
✓ Duration: full day
Distance from Prague: 1-2hr
✓ The price is valid for up to three people

✓ You choose when the tour starts